Reuse on water treatment plant outlet

Dunetec offers units for treating secondary water from Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP). Thanks to a suitable electro-oxidation process, the outlet water leaving the WWTP is completely neutralized (destruction of viruses, bacteria, spores) in order to be used for irrigation (according to the regulations in force).

As an example, in the situation of a city of 1000 inhabitants producing 80 m 3 of wastewater per day, the electrolysis system requires only a small technical area of 4 m² of floor space and a consumption of approximately 2 kW.

Eperimental multi-technological, connected and collaborative demonstration site placed in the territory of Saint-Jean-de-Cornies (Hérault, 34, south of France), the Rur’eaux project demonstrated the performance of electrolysis for wastewater. The site has been in operation since early 2019.

Measurement campaigns were carried out in the WWTP using planted reeds filters (PRF) from Saint Jean de Cornies. The results show the total efficiency of the electro-oxidation technology:

NPP/0,1L en LogEntrée STEPSortie FPRSortie electro oxydation
Salmonelles0.00.0Non décelable
Escherischia Coli7.74.8Non décelable
Enterocoques intestinaux6.54.40.0
Phages ARN-f2.62.3Non décelable
Coliformes totaux8.05.40.0

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