Rain water potabilization

Dunetec offers with its partner SmileRain a rainwater collector and treatment system. This system changes rainwater to drinkable waters thanks to an adjusted electrolysis. The water obtained can thus be stored healthy and distributed to the sons of needs.

This product allows 3 main applications:

Smile Rain Drink is a drinking water distribution station connected and autonomous in energy (photovoltaic and small wind). Designed to facilitate local water management, a control interface is dedicated to the user. A maintenance interface, control and remote management of data (Quality and quantity of water collected, stored and distributed, air quality, weather conditions) collected on site make it possible to guarantee the proper functioning of the installations and the traceability of the quality of the water distributed container by container.

Smile Rain Dunetec Cleaning rain water for Cleaning

Smile Rain Irrigation is a suitable storage system where rainwater is collected, stored, filtered and distributed according to your needs, available water reserves, weather conditions or the state of water demand of your plantations.

Autonomous in energy (photovoltaic or small wind), Smile Rain Irrigation is connected: you are informed of the data collected on the environment, the volume of water stored or the maintenance to be carried out (via your Smart phone or via the interface of ordered).

Smile Rain Dunetec Cleaning rain water for fields

Smile Rain Wash is a durable washing station. Smile rain Wash autonomously and intelligently manages the washing of a fleet of cars with rainwater.

Connect via your Smart phone or via the control interface, check the available water reserves (number of car washes), weather conditions. Book, drop by when you want.

Smile Rain Wash participates in responsible management of water resources. Connected to a suitable storage system, it collects, filters and distributes rainwater according to needs and uses, water reserves and weather conditions. Autonomous in energy (photovoltaic and small wind).

The Smilerain solution is currently visible in France around the city of Alès (30), south of France.


To get more information:

You want to benefit from a rainwater treatment system, contact our partner SmileRain:  https://www.smile-rain.com/

You want to benefit from a Dunetec water treatment system, contact the design office at  http://www.montpellier-engineering.com /