Turbo Connect


The use of Dunetec(c) technology in cattle farming provides a better production rate trough the reduction of medecines and intestinal disorders.

A typical installation is shown below:

The Dunetec Turb’o technology can be used with several cells (reactors) in parallel to obtain a larger flow rate in large cattle farms (cow, pig, …) for many tons of water per day.

Of course we manage water treatment from your inlet (drills, network, tank, …) till your own water network.

Thanks to the connect technology your equipment will be monitored 24/7 and in case of an alert is sent to your smartphone. All data are stored in the cloud allowing you to retrieve information of water consumption or air temperature (many others sensors can be added and monitored: humidity, water counter, pH, etc….) .

Contact us to ask for a free study and to receive more details on how this innovative technology increases efficiency (quality/quantity) at a very low cost and is a reasonnable investment.