Disinfectant production to clean livestock facilities

For the cleaning of livestock buildings, Dunetec offers a system preparing a high concentration solution of 50 to 200 ppm of Free Chlorine equivalent. The active agent in this solution, hypochlorous acid, has the advantage of completely disinfecting the surfaces of all viruses, bacteria and fungi, being persistent, and not being toxic to animals and humans. This molecule has been studied by many research laboratories and its action is now well known.

This disinfecting solution is made from water, salt (NaCl sodium chloride) and electrical energy only.

Cleaning surfaces

The advantages of this solution are obvious:

• Ecological – no toxic product,

• Compact – low footprint,

• Safe – by being connected 24 hours a day

This solution allows total disinfection of the buildings during the time without livestock.

The operating cost of this solution is more economical than equivalent products. Conventional sanitation chemicals, distributed in concentrated form, are toxic and can be dangerous. Skin contact or inhalation of vapors may cause irritation. These risks do not exist with hypochlorous acid.

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