Connected Farms

Dunetec offers the Connect service which allows you to control, view, analyze, remotely, the Dunetec devices connected on your farm.

Remote control, user interface

The “Connect” web application allows you to control the proper functioning of the livestock farm settings. Access to your interface is private and protected by a password that is unique to you. Only the installer and Dunetec can access these parameters for maintenance purposes.

On the first visualization, the fundamental indicators such as the volume of daily water consumed, the flow of water over time, the pH or any sensor are gathered on the operating dashboard.

Another pane allows you to see the parameters evolve in real time in order to check the rapid changes of the parameters

Another section allows you to intervene on the operation of the machine and to modify its parameters (settings, Stop / Start, …) and finally a last section allows you to set alarms in case of exceeding thresholds (soon available).

Each sensor installed in the farm (pH, conductivity, temperature, air speed, humidity, gas rate, …) is added to the dashboard and provides information on the history of the farm. This detailed history of the operation of the farm allows you to analyze the performance or lack of growth of your breeding retrospectively.

Remote control, installer interface

Each installer has the possibility of checking the correct functioning of the machines he has installed (with the operator’s agreement). A specific interface instantly allows him to verify the proper functioning of the entire fleet of water treatment systems he has installed.

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