Dunetec develops and sells many systems for drinking water treatment in livestock. Water treatment is essential to keep water clean and safe for animals. Whatever the animal kind in livestock, these water treatments are efficient and fruitful.

Dunetec is actively searching distributors for the south of France and Spain.

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To clean livestock facilities, Dunetec offers a system to produce high concentrated solution (50 to 200 ppm of free chlorine equivalent). The active ingredient in this solution, hypochlorous acid, has the advantage of completely disinfecting, being persistent and not being toxic for neither animals nor humans. 

Dunetec offers with its partner WeCo a containerized sustainable flush toilets. This product neutralizes blackwater thanks to an intensive electrolysis. The flushes use the water in closed loop and do not need any external water network supply. 

Dunetec offers water treatment skids to convert wastewater treatment plant outlet into clean and safe water. Thanks to the suitable electro-oxidation process, water is totally secured (virus, bacteries, spores are destroyed). Then, water can be used for irrigation (according to local rules and laws).

Dunetec collaborates with its partner SmileRain, to offer a rainwater treatment system. This product transforms rain in drinking water thanks to electrolysis to distribute for different uses either drinking or cleaning or watering garden.

For many years, Dunetec develops and sells its own water treatment for livestock. With more than 60 farms equipped in Europe (France, Switzerland and Belgium) and a pilot in China, equipments have been tested and validated.